10 Best Dart Players In The World

The best dart players in the world are those who have shown excellence and perseverance in this game to rise to the top. Darts, a game that was earlier only a pub game has transformed into championships with prize money worth millions of pounds.

Professional dart players have taken this game to new heights. Below you will find a compilation of the best dart players in the World.

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  1. Phil Taylor

Phil is an English professional darts player who is considered to be the best darts player in the world ever. He was nicknamed ‘The Power’ because of his dominance in the game.

He won 21 Professional tournaments, 85 major titles and an astounding 16 World Championships which in itself is a record.

He was the winner of the World Championships for eight consecutive years from 1995 to 2002. He was the first player to win £1 million in prize money.

 He broke away from the British Darts Organization(BDO) and formed the Professional Darts Corporation(PDC) along with other professional dart players.

He won PDC Player of The Year six times and was nominated twice for BBC Sports Personality of The Year.

Taylor announced his retirement before the final of the 2018 World Championship.

Some people also consider him as the most hated dart player because of his lack of sportsmanship on certain occasions.

2. Michael Van Gerwen

Michael is a Dutch Professional dart player and is currently the World Number 1. He is 28 years old and has already won numerous darts championships. He was only 24 when he won the PDC World Championship.

He has won 29 titles in PDC World Finals, 12 titles in PDC World Series Finals and 1title in BDO Major final. He is also the youngest ever champion in PDC Team finals by winning 3 titles.

Michael’s perseverance and amazing dart skills is shown in the fact that he rose from World number 38 in 2012 to World number 4  by 2013.

He is also the richest darts player in the World with earnings of around £7 million in prize money.

He replaced Phil Taylor in the dart players ranking to top the chart.

3.Raymond Van Barneveld

Raymond is a Dutch Professional darts player who has a number of titles under his belt. He won 14 titles in BDO major finals, 6 titles in PDC major finals, 6 titles in PDC team finals and has been the runners up in 6 PDC world series finals.

He also rose to World number 1 in 2008. He won the UK Open Championship twice, Las Vegas Desert Classic and Grand slam of Darts.

He won the International Darts League three times.

In 2009 PDC World Darts Championship, Raymond became the first professional darts player to hit a nine darter in the championship.

4. Eric Bestow

Bestow was a 5 time World champion, 5 time World Masters champion and 4 time World Cup singles champion. He was named World number 1 by the World Draft Federation for six times.

This English player is considered to be the most successful and consistent player in the dart circuit in the 1980s. He won 22 WDF and BDO titles and around 70 other titles in various competitions.

An interesting fact about Bestow is that he mentored Phil Taylor in the game and also provided some financial assistance. He later joined Taylor in forming the PDC. He retired from the game in 2007 and worked as a commentator for the games.

Bestow died on 5th April, 2018 due to a heart attack while attending a Premier League Dart match.

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5. John Lowe

Lowe has been World number 1 and was recognized widely for his game. He is a retired professional darts player from England who was pretty famous during 70s and 80s.

He won 9 titles in championships under BDO and 5 titles under WDF.

 Apart from these, he has also won a number of other titles.

He is an old darts player but his accomplishments will remain forever. The nine-dart finish that Lowe made in 1984 was the first one to be televised.

6. Dennis Priestly

Dennis is a retired English professional darts player. He was the first player to win both the BDO and PDC World Championships in his first attempt.

He has won 3 titles at BDO finals and 1 title under PDC. He also won two World Championships. Dennis has the runners-up in PDC major finals and lost to Phil Taylor a number of times.

7. John Part

Part is a professional dart player and commentator from Canada. He is considered to be North America’s best dart player. He is a 3 times World champion. He has earned 1 title each from BDO and WDF tournaments.

He has also won 3 titles under PDC and numerous other tournaments.

Part was the first player from outside UK to be included in the PDC Hall of Fame.

8. Gary Anderson

Anderson is a Scottish darts player and a two time PDC World champion. He also won International Darts League and World Darts Trophy in 2007.

He has won 4 titles under BDO and 8 titles under PDC and 6 titles for PDC World Series finals to name a few.

Anderson defeated Phil Taylor to grab his first World Championship in 2015. He became a part of the PDC circuit in 2009.

9. Adrian Lewis

Lewis is a two times PDC World Darts champion and currently plays under PDC.

This professional English player has won 5 titles under PDC and a number of other tournaments. Lewis was mentored by the great Phil Taylor when they practiced together.

10. Jocky  Wilson

Wilson turned into a professional dart player in 1979. The Scottish player has won the World Professional Darts Championship in 1982 and then again in 1984.

He also won the British Professional Championship four times and made it to the Quarter finals of moat of the championships between 1979 to 1991.

The PDC started the ‘The Jocky Wilson Cup’ in Aug 2009 where Scotland’s best dart players competited against England.

 Some of his other wins include British Matchplay, British Professional Championship, British Open, Finnish Open etc.

Wilson retired from the game in 1995 without any official announcement. He died on 24th march, 2012.

These players have paved a way for this game turning it into a well known sport. Some of them have retired, some are no more and while some are still actively participating.

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