Best Dartboard Cabinets 2019 Reviews

Finding the best dartboard cabinet can turn out to be a chaotic experience if you do not know how you should compare different dartboard cabinets available in the market. There are different factors that you should take into consideration before simply buying the product that looks most appealing. Here are some of the best dartboard cabinets that you can purchase in the market at present.

  1. American Heritage Billiards Dartboard Cabinet

The first product is the American Heritage dartboard cabinet. It is one of the best dartboard cabinets, and a well-rounded product as well. It has all the basic requirements and offers a lot of practical value as well. The design is simple, but the finishing and the quality of wood used are of solid quality. This particular product has a Mocha finish which adds to its elegance as well.

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In terms of practicality, the dartboard cabinet comes with 2 scoring chalkboards on each side of the dartboard, and two sets of steel-tipped darts (6 darts in total). The total weight of the dartboard cabinet is 29 pounds which is equivalent to 0.82 kg. So as a whole unit, the dartboard cabinet does not weigh too much, and hence, it is very convenient for the portability factor as well. Overall, it is one of the best dartboard cabinets that you can find on Amazon with all the proper features.

  1. Dart World 47991 Dartboard Cabinet

The next product is the Dart world 47991 dartboard cabinet, and like the previous product, this too offers all the features that you would require for a proper dart game. The design also resembles the American Heritage Dartboard Cabinet, but the build quality and the finishing are different. The Dart World cabinet is made from specially selected Pines that add to its durability, and it has a natural furniture finish. The finger joints also contribute to the cabinet strength.

Overall, in terms of quality and sturdy aspect, the Dart World 47991 is one of the best dartboard cabinets on Amazon. It also comes with additional standard kits such as the Lexan starting throw line, a pair of English brass darts, and the rules and hanging instruction. The dartboard cabinet has the dimension of 3.5 x 22.5 x 25.5 inches and weighs 27.5 pounds (0.78 kg)

  1. Arachnid Bullshooter Illuminator 3.0

The two products mentioned before are both the traditional type of dartboard cabinet that almost everyone is familiar with. However, the Arachnid illuminator 3.0 is an electronic dartboard cabinet that functions in the complete adverse manner. The illuminator 3.0 features 13 dedicated lights that represent different numbers in the board. The small LCD display on the bottom also allows you to view your score accurately. The number ring is big and easy to view as well, thanks to its LED illuminations. Though it is fairly easier to keep count and play on the Illuminator as compared to the traditional wood dartboard, the one primary drawback is its build quality and durability factor.

The Arachind dartboard cabinet is made from good plastics which offer good quality, but it is not as convincing as the premium wood quality and finishing. The illuminator 3.0 overall is best for amateurs or for those people who aren’t too serious about darting and just want to have fun.

  1. TG King’s Head Light Wood Dartboard Cabinet

The TG King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet is one of the best budget dartboard cabinets on Amazon. It is best for those people who maybe just getting started or at least for those people who have a limited budget. The dartboard has an 18-inch diameter which is the official size, so you get a clear idea of how it is to play on a standard dartboard. Even though the product is a budget dartboard, it comes packed with all the necessary additional kits.

The kits include 6-steel tip darts which are of average quality, a chalkboard scoreboard along with chalk and an eraser, and mounting supplies as well. The build quality is certainly not the best, but at its pricing, one cannot expect a premium quality dartboard. As a whole unit, the King’s light wood dartboard is a good value for money and a good choice for people with a tight budget

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  1. Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Hathaway Centerpoint dartboard cabinet is one of the best mid-range dartboard cabinets available on Amazon. You get all the standard features with minimal compromises. The cabinet is made from hardwood which provides good stability and durability as well. It certainly does not feel or even look cheap, and the dark-cherry finish provides a rich and vintage feel. Its sisal material also works as an excellent healing agent to encourage as many dart throws as possible.

The scoreboard (dry erase type) is also provided on each door for optimal convenience as well. Two sets of nylon dart flights (6 in total) are also provided, which are of average quality. The Hathaway Centerpoint dartboard cabinet has the dimension of 25.5 x 22 x 3.75 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 20.4 pounds or  0.58 kg which is extremely light as compared to other cabinets as well

  1. DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

The DMI sport deluxe dartboard is again another excellent cabinet set that has a high build quality both in terms of materials used and the finishing as well. The finishing comes in two different options with cherry or oak finish. Its finger joint frame holds the darts in place on both the doors as well. The dartboard has the official size (18 x 1 ½ inch), so it adds more convenience for practice as well. The traditional scoring board is provided on one side of the door, while the other door has the electronic scoreboard. This feature is rarely found on any dartboard cabinets. Hence, it is a major positive factor. The overall weight of the cabinet is a bit on the heavy side with 33 pounds (0.99 kg), but it is still significantly lighter for carrying it around


  1. TG Trademark Gameroom Darts and Dartboard Sets

The trademark Gameroom dartboard cabinet is an extremely lightweight and probably one of the cheapest dartboard set options on the list. The Trademark dartboard set provides all the basic requirements, and, hence it is best for newbies aka amateurs who do not want to spend too much on a dartboard initially. The build quality of the cabinet is not up to the standard of other products mentioned above, but it is certainly respectable for its price tag.

The dartboard cabinet has two traditional scoreboards on each side of the door and comes with an eraser and chalk as well. There are also two sets of regular steel-tipped darts provided with the set which is sufficient enough for practicing a game of darts. The whole unit weighs just about 19 ounces (0.5 kg) mainly because of cheap wood, but the overall price to quality ratio is beneficial

  1. Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Bundle

The name Viper is synonymous with the Dartboard cabinets/bundle. They manufacture some of the best affordable dartboard sets with a high price to performance/quality aspect. The Viper Hudson dartboard bundle is available in different variants (Standard, Premium, Elite, and Deluxe). The pricing is all on the affordable side across the entire variants. The unit consists of a sisal/bristle staple-free bullseye dartboard and a premium dartboard cabinet.

The Viper Hudson is made from solid Pine which ensures the high level of build quality, and it also has an elegant mahogany finish that promotes premium looks. The cabinet also features a dry-erase scoreboard on one side of the door, while the other houses an out-chart board. One of its unique features is the moveable number ring, which helps in extending the board’s life as well


  1. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

The Fat Cat Electronx is the second electronic dartboard on the list, but this is a better option as it offers a more proper darting experience. This superior experience, however, comes at some additional pricing. The build quality and materials used can be differentiated right away as this dartboard has a durable thermoplastic segment. The ultra-thin spider also promotes better shot and the capability for darts to stick to the dartboard. The doors are equipped with dart holsters that can store up to 12 darts simultaneously as well.

The LCD screen also provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate control panel. The different LED colors make it a simple affair to distinguish between different numbers and their significance. The Fat Cat Electronx provides a number of options and supports up to 38 games with over 167 different options. All these features make the Fat Cat Electronx dartboard cabinet one of the best value for money option

  1. Triple Out Darts Walnut Dartboard Cabinet

The Triple Out Dartboard cabinet is the last product on this list, but it does not necessarily mean that it is the least impressive product. In fact, the Triple Out dartboard cabinet is one of the best budget-oriented cabinet options available on Amazon. Due to its budget pricing, the build quality is not the best, but it is decent enough.

The name tag of Walnut also is not genuine as the wood is made to resemble the looks and the feel of the actual walnut wood. Overall the unit looks stylish and comes with six darts (standard quality), scoreboard, chalk, and an eraser. So, this product offers good practical value.

Dart Board Cabinet Buying Guide

Here are some simple tips/guides that can enhance your Dartboard cabinet buying skills.

  • Types of Dartboard

When you decide to purchase a dartboard cabinet, keep in mind that there are different kinds of dartboard cabinets. The most common types are the traditional wooden board and the electronic board. The electronic board provides an easier playing experience, whereas, the wooden board sticks to the traditional darting experience. But, overall, wooden boards do a better job in enhancing your skills, while electronic boards are mostly for casual dart games.

  • Protection/Build Quality

The most primary reason why people purchase a dartboard cabinet instead of a simple dartboard is that of the protection aspect. Cabinets prevent you or others from puncturing holes into the walls every time you miss, hence make sure that the cabinet has a good build quality that can promote optimal protection to the area around the dartboard. Also, the build quality is the primary factor in deciding the durability factor of the cabinet and the darting experience as well.

  • Additional kits

One more advantage of purchasing a dartboard cabinet as a unit is flexible and convenience of getting additional darting kits along with the dartboard cabinet. However, there are some products that offer minimal additional kit options. It is, therefore, crucial to check this factor as well

  • Storage

Wouldn’t it be awkward if you did not have enough room on the cabinet to store away the darts when you aren’t using them? Well, if you are not careful, you may end up facing that problem. Check for dartboard cabinets that can store as many darts as possible for more convenience. Most dartboard cabinets also come equipped with scoreboard and chart board as well, so make sure you tick those boxes as well before making a purchase

  • Assembly

While most people may be avoiding this, the assembly factor is a crucial factor. While most dartboard cabinets come as a whole unit, you cannot expect it arrives fully assembled out-of-the package. You may have to put together some parts together with the help of user manuals, hence, if you end up buying the wrong product, the assembly process becomes a mind-numbing process. Checking customer reviews may help

  • Budget

Your budget, of course, plays an important role when you want to purchase a dartboard cabinet or any item of that matter. Dartboard cabinets are available at a wide price range, so no matter what your price range is you will most likely end up with a handful of products. Make sure the product has a good price to quality/features ratio.

  • Ease of Portability

Ease of portability is also one of the most crucial factors to consider unless you plan on hammering the cabinet on one specific area permanently. The lightweight factor can enable you to easily move around the dartboard cabinet around the room for different purposes

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