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Electronic Dartboards gained popularity over the years and are loved by many all over the world; therefore, if you are in search of the best electronic dartboard, then this buyer’s guide will help you find the best one for yourselves. The game of darts is considered one among the most popular games in the world and is relatively easy to play. It can be played by almost anyone irrespective of age, size, shape, etc. and it involves merely throwing a dart at a board and nothing more. Below we have selected ten of the best electronic dartboards which are available in the market today.

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Best electronic dart boardThe Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is a high-quality electronic dartboard which comes packed with numerous features all inside a compact design. It has a size of 15.5 inches making it a tournament standard sized boat and comes with a red, black and yellow design which is unique to Arachnid dartboards. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 comes with a total of forty gaming modes and 179 variations which can be played by up to 8 players. Coming to its build quality, it is made of Nylon Tough material which makes it extremely durable and playable while at the same time reduces gameplay noise. The dividers on the segments are also very thin, and this greatly reduces the chances of Bounce-Outs thus improving a players’ overall performance.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro comes with a ton of features, and this includes a large jumbo display allowing players to select games, menus, and options easily. This includes the ability to display the score of four players, an indicator for the current player, and LED lighting making it highly visible. Coming to its gameplay features the board allows for the calculation of average points per dart, keeps the score of up to four players and includes a Heckler feature that provides interactive gameplay and can be switched on and off. Coming to the darts, it comes with six soft-tipped darts making it easy on the board as well as safe to play with. The board also comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty too. It is priced at $223.99 making it a great deal.

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  1. Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

The Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard is another electronic dartboard known for its wide range of features and top-notch quality all coming in at an affordable price. It comes with a tournament standard 15.5-inch target board and comes with a red, black and silver design. The Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard comes with a total of Forty-three games and 187 variations of options and can accommodate up to sixteen players. The Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard is made from extremely durable nylon segments that have been thoroughly tested to ensure that it lasts longer than regular plastic boards.

The spaces between the segments are also ultra-thin making it easier for landing shots while at the same time reduces bounce back too. There is also a catch ring that provides as a landing spot for catching missed shots too. The features that come with it are plenty beginning with four large overhead LED displays which individually display the scores of four players. The gameplay features include the ability to either play solo or in groups, automatic player change, calculating the average points of each dart, see the rankings and also track the progress of a maximum of sixteen players in one go.

The darts that come with it are soft-tipped making it durable and safe while also causing less damage to the board. The contents of the electronic board include six soft tips along with twenty-four extra tips, a power adapter, and mounting brackets. The board also comes with a one year warranty and is priced at $194.97 which is a great price, considering all the features that it comes with.

Viper electronic dart board

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  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 also makes into the list of the best electronic dartboard available, and following its other siblings, it also comes with packed with loads of features while carrying the same level of quality too. It comes with a size of 15.5 inches making it tournament ready and comes with the red, black and yellow color scheme that is seen in Arachnid products. It comes with a total of twenty-four games and 132 variations of games and supports a total of eight players.

As seen in other Arachnid electric dartboards it is highly durable owing to the use of Nylon Tough segments. This not only enhances durability but also improves playability and silence. The dividers that divide the segments are also micro-thin, drastically reducing bounce back while improving accuracy and performance. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 is not short of features and comes with four LED displays which can highlight the score of four players, player prompts and LED indicators which will aid players.

There is also a player handicap feature that sets handicaps on more advanced players allowing beginners to play alongside them competitively. It also comes with a solo player option, ranking, sleep mode and reset too. Upon purchasing the Arachnid Cricket Pro, 650 buyers will get six soft dart tips along with extra darts, mounting brackets, a power adapter and a manual. It also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty against any issues or defects. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 costs only $144.99, and this makes it one of the most affordable and best electronic dartboards.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

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  1. Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Another superb product from Viper is the Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard, which carries with it the same set of features and high quality that is seen with other Viper Electronic Dartboards. Size-wise it comes with a standard 15.5-inch board thus making it tournament ready and has a red, black and silver color scheme. The Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard comes with a total of fifty-seven games and 307 variations which are customizable and can accommodate a total of sixteen players. The Viper 800 is built using the high-quality thermal resins giving its segments high quality and durability giving it high durability.

The spaces between the segments are also very thin allowing players to increase their scoring and greatly reduce the chances of bounce outs. The Arachnid Viper 800 comes with a huge array of features beginning with its LCD which is bright and big. It can display the score of up to 4 players, the current dart, and the score of a player per dart thus eliminating the need of keeping score manually and also has a cricket symbol too. It also features some shortcut buttons providing convenience and easy operation to the players as well.

For further convenience, the board also comes with a storage holder that can store additional darts as well. The Arachnid 800 Electronic Dartboard also can add accessories so as to enhance the gameplay further. The electronic dartboard comes with six soft darts, twenty-four extra tips, mounting brackets, a power adapter, and additional manuals and paperwork. Priced at $119.99 the Arachnid Viper 800 provides great value for money and makes a case for one of the best electronic dartboards on offer.

Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

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  1. Viper League Pro Dartboard

The Viper League Pro is a bristle dartboard from GLD products that is feature-packed and is extremely popular amongst dart players. The Viper League Pro has a diameter of 18 inches making it fit for tournaments and has a black, yellow, red and green color scheme. Coming to its build materials, it is constructed using compressed sisal fibers which are extremely sturdy and durable.

The sisal fibers have the ability to expand when a tip has entered and also contract after it has been removed, thus have the capability to self-heal. The Viper League Pro features a staple-free design which increases the chances of scoring and greatly reduces any chances of deflections. The number rings that come with the League pro are also removable allowing players to rotate the board to let it heal. To make the dartboard more durable and to increase its lifespan it further comes with a compression ring around it keeping the fibers packed and compressed.

The board also has radial sector wires which have been galvanized, and these greatly assists the darts to land in the desired target by sliding the darts inwards. The sisal fiber used on the dart is also cross-compatible meaning that both soft-tipped darts and steel-tipped darts can be used on it. On purchasing the Viper League Pro dartboard, it comes with some added accessories which include chalk and an eraser, a set of steel-tipped darts, Mounting gear and an instruction manual. This dartboard is priced at $43.99 which makes it one of the most affordable yet feature-filled dartboards available in the market.

Viper League Pro Dartboard

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  1. Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

With Viper offering a very wide range of electronic dartboards another one fantastic model is the Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard. The Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard comes with a standard tournament compatible 15.5-inch target board along with a 6.8 inch bright LCD with a red, blue and white color scheme. The Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard comes with a total of Forty-three games and a huge 320 variations.

This electronic dartboard from Viper is constructed using very high-quality resins to ensure that its segments are sturdy, durable and will stand the test of time. To further reduce bounce-outs and to maximize the scoring of players, the spaces between the segments are also ultra-thin, and there is also an outer ring that catches darts that have gone out of bounds. The Viper features a bright 6.8 inch LCD which is capable of displaying the scores of a maximum of two players eliminating the need for manual score recording and also has a cricket XO symbol too.

Some other additional features include an adjustable volume level, dual language support, the ability to add handicaps and a score correcting button. The Viper 777 Electronic dartboard comes equipped with 6 soft-tipped darts, a power adapter, mounting gear and also comes with a one year warranty. All things combined the Viper 777 comes at a price of $45.99 which is unheard of for an electronic dartboard, and this is a great buy for anyone on the lookout for an extremely affordable electronic dartboard.

Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

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  1. Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard

If you are on the lookout for an affordable, compact-sized electronic dartboard then the Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard is worth checking out. The Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard has a target face that measures at 13 inches making it a compact dartboard that is ideal for casual use and also has an LED display below the target face for displaying information while playing. It comes with black, white, blue and red colored segments and comes with a total of thirty-five games and 229 varieties of options.

Coming to its build quality, it is constructed using durable polymer compounds which have been tested to endure high amounts of usage. The Spider that comes with the game face is also made ultra-thin making it easier for the soft-tipped darts to penetrate it while at the same time significantly reducing the chances of bounce backs. The LED display acts as a scoreboard and keeps the score of two players at once, and also has the cricket XO signs too.

The electric dartboard also includes a double in and out indicator, sound control buttons, a handicap button along with a holster which can store up to six soft-tipped darts. On purchase, buyers will get 6 soft-tipped plastic darts, thirty additional tips, a power adapter, and an instruction manual. The Fat Cat Rigel supports up to eight players, and its compact size makes it perfect for home use as well as casual use. Available for a price of $44.99, the Fat Cat Rigel is one of the best compact electronic dartboards on offer.

Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard

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  1. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

The Fat Cat 727 is an inexpensive, easy to use and compact electronic dartboard manufactured by Fat Cat. The Fat Cat 727 has a compact design that comes in at 13 inches and includes a scoring display as well. The target face comes in an appealing white, red and green color scheme along with a numbered outer ring for catching missed darts. The Fat Cat 727 comes with Forty-Three different games and 200 different customizable gaming options allowing a total of eight players to play a wide array of games.

As is seen with other Fat Cat products, the 727 is also built using the same high-quality materials making it extremely durable and playable at the same time. The segment holes also have very thin spacing between them and lock the tips of the darts firmly reducing the chances of bounce outs. The Fat Cat 727 further comes with a Scoring display which is capable of displaying the scores of a player while also displaying XO Cricket signs. Below the display is an array of buttons that comes with a simple and easy to use interface allowing players to jump to different modes and options effortlessly.

It also comes included with a quick cricket button which allows players to play cricket games in and install with just the click of the button while at the same time has automatic voice feedback functionality. It also comes included with six soft-tipped darts which are highly durable and also ensure safety to its players. Coming to its price, the Fat Cat 727 is priced at just $34.52 which makes it relatively cheaper than its competitors, thus making it one of the best electronic dartboards for people who are on a tight budget.

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

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  1. Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard

The Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 is one of the most features filled compact electronic dartboard from Arachnid. This electronic dartboard comes with a wooden cabinet that houses the 13.5-inch target area which possesses a white, black, red and green coloring scheme, complete with two separate LED displays. The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 has a total of thirty-four games and 183 customizable variations including four cricket games.

The dartboard is constructed using sturdy and durable nylon tough segments which improve gaming performance while also offering more silent gameplay. There are also fewer bounce-outs owing to the ultrathin separation between the segments, and there is also an outer ring for darts that go astray. The highlight of this dartboard is its wooden cabinet doors which comes with a walnut finish and includes a backlit display which displays the XO cricket information and comes with dart holders for storing the soft tip darts.

The dual LED displays can show the score of up to four players and some of the other features that come with it include solo play, sound controls, a heckler mode that provides audio feedback and a game guard option too. Upon Purchasing the Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx, 1.0 owners will get six soft tip darts and a few additional soft tip darts, a power adapter and mounting brackets. All these features combine to make the Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 an all-around fantastic electronic dartboard ideal for home and casual use and its price of $119.99 makes it that much better.

Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard

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  1. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

The Viper 797 is a compact and feature-filled electronic dartboard which is offered by Viper. Coming to its size, it comes with a standard tournament ready, 15.5-inch target area complete with Red, Black and Silver segments and includes a bright 11 square inch scoreboard display. The Viper 797 offers a total of forty-three games and 240 variations allowing up to sixteen players to play together.

The Viper 797’s body and segments are built using durable and sturdy thermoplastics ensuring very low levels of wear and tear. The spaces between the segments are also ultra-thin allowing for the soft-tipped darts to reach the target easily thus increasing the scoring percentage of players while also ensuring very low chances of the bounce back too. There is also a large ring surrounding the dartboard which is responsible for catching any missed shots thus protecting the walls.

The 11 square inch display that comes with the Viper 747 is bright and big, and can keep the score of up to four players and can also display the standard XO Cricket score as well. The Gaming interface is also very intuitive and comes with some keypads allowing users to navigate effortlessly through the various options, shortcuts, and menus. Some of the options are the double bull, single in and single out, double in and double out. The Viper 797 comes with six soft-tipped darts, mounting brackets and a power adapter that omits the use of batteries. The Viper 797 also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty thus providing owners with peace of mind. All these combine to make the Viper 797 a superb electronic dartboard and the price of this electronic board is set at $58.54 which is a very good value for money.

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Why choose a soft tip or electronic dartboard instead of a steel tip bristle board

The game of darts consists of throwing pointed objects known as darts into a circular board known as a dartboard. A standard board comes divided with twenty numbered sections and thus the scoring ranges from one to twenty points. The primary goal of the game is to score as many points while throwing three darts. Therefore, to play darts a dartboard along with darts are required and there are two types of dartboards. The first type is known as the bristle board, and it comes with steel-tipped darts while the second type is known as an electronic dartboard and it comes with soft-tipped darts.

Bristle boards are the traditional dartboards which are made with fibers of sisal, and the darts are made with brass and come with a steel tip, hence are known as steel tip darts. Electronic boards, on the other hand, are the modern versions of a dartboard, are made of plastic, and they utilize electronics for their workings. The darts of electronic boards are also made of plastic along with a plastic tip and are referred to as soft tip darts.

So why should you choose an electronic dartboard over a bristle board? There are many reasons as to why an electronic dartboard should be chosen instead of bristle board, and they are as follows:


Accuracy is one of the most significant advantages of an electronic dartboard. An electronic dartboard has thousands of tiny holes all across its segments and behind the board are hundreds of electronic sensors that pick up pressure and movement. As such in case a soft dart lands in any of the holes, the sensor picks up this movement and registers it. This makes the electronic dartboard extremely accurate and thus is not susceptible to any form of human error as seen in Traditional Dartboards.

Automatic Scoring

Another significant advantage of an electronic dartboard is that it automatically keeps score of the players. Thus, a lot of time is saved in the process, and besides, the need for someone to keep score is also taken off the account. Therefore, with an electronic dartboard keeping score players can enjoy the game to the fullest.


When compared with traditional Dartboards, an electronic dartboard is much safer. This is because, electronic dartboards utilize darts that have plastic tips, unlike traditional darts which have tips made of steel that pose more danger. This makes electronic dartboards children and family-friendly making it much more accessible.


An Electronic dartboard though might be more expensive than traditional bristle boards are more durable than traditional ones. This is mainly because the darts that are used in Electronic dartboards are made of plastic which makes it lighter, more durable and also comes with plastic tips that do not damage the dartboard. Traditional dartboards, on the other hand, wear out much quicker owing to their heavy and steel-tipped darts.

Best Electric Dart Board Buyer’s Guide

An electronic dartboard thus has many advantages over a bristle board and therefore, getting an electronic dartboard is an excellent way to get into the world of playing darts. However, with the market offering a vast variety of electronic dartboards selecting the best one can become quite confusing. Not all electronic dartboards come with the same set of features, functions, and capabilities. Therefore, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when looking for the best electronic dartboard. As such, to help you get the best electronic board here are some facts which one should take into consideration and they are as follows.

The Size

Electronic Dartboards just like the traditional bristle boards also come in different sizes. Hence, based upon your own needs you must select an electronic dartboard with the appropriate size. If you are planning for a more professional approach, see it to it that you purchase the electronic board with the same size that is used by the professionals. This will enable you to train like professionals in case you wish to participate in a competition. However, if it for casual home use, then a professional sized electronic dartboard is not necessary. You will get boards that are either smaller or larger than the professional sized electronic dartboards. The Size of an electronic dartboard also affects its portability as well, and hence if you plan on moving the board around, a smaller sized dartboard will make more sense and vice-versa. Also, if you wish to teach your children to play darts on an electronic dartboard, see to it that you pick a larger electronic dartboard to make it easier and more visible to the children. Keep in mind that there is no perfect dartboard size, as the needs of each player vary; therefore picking a size depends on the specific needs of the buyer.

The Weight

Besides its size, the next important factor which should be taken into consideration when looking for the best electronic dartboard is its weight. With Electronic dartboards being offered by many brands, the materials that go into building it also varies greatly. Some brands use a majority of plastic components in their electronic dartboard, while some use metal, rubber, wood or a combination of these. As such based upon the materials used for its construction, the weight varies greatly. However, a heavier dartboard doesn’t necessarily mean a high-quality dartboard and a lighter dartboard should not be taken for an inferior quality dartboard. A heavier dartboard and a lighter dartboard also have its own set of advantages and disadvantages with it. If you wish to play darts indoors than a heavier dartboard will do just fine, however, if you wish to play darts outdoors then a lighter dartboard will make much more sense owing to its portability. However, it is necessary to see it that the electronic dartboard is neither too heavy nor too light, and therefore one should try and find the right balance between the two to ensure good gameplay.

The Brand

With electronic boards gaining immense popularity, the numbers of brands that manufacture and sell them are also plenty. However, not all brands are equal with some offering better products than the rest. Therefore, it is necessary for a buyer to perform thorough research on a brand before settling for its product when looking for the best electronic dartboard. Some brands are better established than the rest carrying with them the advantage of brand image, popularity, and broader servicing options. Whereas, some brands are relatively new and do not have that much recognition nor popularity. Older brands also tend to offer a broader range of products within a broad price band and thus offering more choices to their customers. However, an older brand doesn’t necessarily guarantee better products and vice-versa. As such the best thing which a buyer can do while searching for the best brand is to check for customer reviews, read product reviews and also perform thorough research on the brands that offer electronic dartboards. The after-sales service which a brand provides to its customers is also of utmost importance, and this can also make all the difference in making a specific brand better than the other. In conclusion, informed purchase is the best purchase and will ensure that you get a satisfactory deal.

The Cost

Another important aspect when looking to buy the best electronic dartboard is its cost. Electronic dartboards are available in a very wide price band, and as such, there is an electronic dartboard for every budget. Most of the brands out there offer electronic dartboard in a different price ranges starting from affordable ones, to mid-ranged ones than to high range ones. Based on its cost its features, build quality and functionalities may differ greatly. However, that is not to say that electronic-boards that are priced very low do not offer good gameplay. Instead, there are some brands that provide superb functionality and use even if they are priced much lower than their competitors. As such, a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean an inferior electronic dartboard. One thing to keep in mind while buying an electronic dartboard is the duration you wish to use it. Therefore, if you wish to use an electronic dartboard for a long period then buying an expensive dartboard seems like a better option, but, if you wish to use it for only a short period, then it is best to purchase a more affordable electronic dartboard. As such, the money that should be spent on an electronic dartboard is not the same for every individual, and it depends on the role that the electronic dartboard will fulfill.