Best Soft Tip Darts 2019-Complete Buying Guide

Finding the best soft tip darts is crucial in stepping up your game. Whether you are playing in a plastic board or an electric board, you need the best soft tip darts to hit the bullseye or the target scores of your board. Below is a list of some of the best soft trip darts you can find in the market.

  1. Bottlesen Skinny Soft tip dart(90% Tungsten)

Bottlesen is a recognized name in the dart game. It has again outdone itself with the quality and design of the Bottlesen skinny tungsten (90%) soft tip dart.

This skinny soft tip dart is a sleek combination of grooves and knurls which gives every advantage to a player for a precise throw.

Some of its features are:

  • 90% tungsten barrel: The barrel is 17.5 inches long and has a slim finish. It has 90% tungsten which gives the player an excellent balance.
  • Aluminum shaft: The dart has anodized aluminum shaft. The length of the dart is on the shorter end which gives great stability.
  • Unique gripping: The coarse knurling on the barrel is on the lower side of a medium grip. The combination of groves and knurling gives it a smooth and unique gripping point.
  • Slim flights: The flight on this dart is thin and flimsy which gives a smooth and accurate fly. The slim flight makes the tail stay low so that the dart does not deflect when you throw.
  • For all ages: This soft tip dart is available in 18g weight which can be used by all ages. Its lightweight makes it perfect for different levels of players.


  • Best balanced weight.
  • Super first flying.
  • Good price for the quality.
  • Unique gripping point.
  • High quality.


  • Dart’s case does not hold the darts well.

  1. 90% Tungsten Viper Diamond Soft Tip Darts

This is one of the best soft tip darts in the market. It’s amazing design and quality makes it a perfect choice for players of all levels. This Viper diamond comes with light-weight aluminum shafts with diamond-etchings and locking holes. This gives you pinpoint accuracy and stability.

Some of its features are:

  • Barrel material: The barrel is made up of 10% nickel and 90% tungsten. This high-quality combination offers exceptional balance with a slim profile.
  • Excellent gripping point: This soft tip dart allows for consistent hand placement. The deep grooves, rings and the knurled bands are designed and placed strategically on each barrel. It offers a unique gripping point, comfortable for every player.
  • Aluminum shafts: The shafts are made up of high-quality aluminum. This makes the dart resistant to corrosion or rusting and enhances the durability of the dart. The dart features diamond-cut aluminum shafts consisting of locking holes for a tighter fitting. This enhances the stability of the dart and eliminates the trouble of retightening between the plays.


  • High-speed flights.
  • High-quality aluminum shafts.
  • Well balanced.
  • Well designed deluxe dart pal case for storage.
  • Great gripping style.
  • Slim flights.


  • Not many weight options

This soft tip dart gives you the best combination of price, quality, and performance. For players who want to step up their game, this is a great choice.

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  1. Viper Bully 80% Tungsten Soft tip darts.

This Viper dart will offer you amazing aerodynamic flights that are designed to give you the best first- fly with optimum speed. It has a balanced weight that is well distributed along the length of the dart.

Some of its features are:

  • Diamond-cut aluminum shaft: The aluminum shaft provides better stability to the darts since aluminum is a high metal. There are locking holes present in the diamond cut-aluminum shaft which allows the player for a tighter fitting during the play.
  • Barrel material: The barrel is made up of a combination of 20% nickel and 80% tungsten. These high-quality materials provide the dart with excellent balance and premium style. It gives a slim profile which is usually preferred for better grip and control.
  • Gripping point: This product offers a unique gripping style with enhanced design and texture for a comfortable grip. It has rings, deep grooves and knurled that are strategically placed on the barrel that gives you perfect gripping points. It allows the player to control its amount of spin while throwing the dart.
  • Length: These darts are slightly longer in length which gives the player enough space to position the dart on the hands before shooting.


  • High-quality materials.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Fashionable deluxe dart pal case.
  • Incredible gripping points.
  • Affordable price.


  • Professionals may not prefer these darts.

These darts are one of the best soft tip darts for its price range.

  1. Elkadart Razor 80% Soft Tip Darts

The Elkadart razor darts offers you incredible quality and design for its price. It is most suited for beginners or intermediate players. These darts are designed for use in either electronic boards or sisal dartboards.

Some of its features are:

  • Barrel material: The barrel is made up of 20% nickel and 80% tungsten. Higher tungsten content increases the durability and quality of the darts. The 80% tungsten in the dart ensures that the dart is well balanced and light.
  • Aluminum shafts: The darts possess light-weight aluminum shafts with locking holes. These features ensure a more secure fit to the barrel. The player does not need to retighten the shafts after every shot.
  • Gripping point: Each dart presents ridgeback grooves, rings and knurled bands that encourage consistent hand placement. The back oxide coating on the barrel and the grooves allow for a solid grip after each throw.
  • Razor-sharp flight: Each dart is equipped with a razor-sharp flight to increase speed and reduce the drag. The flights give a sharp look at each dart with precision and accuracy in every throw.


  • Outstanding balance with the slim design.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Good for tighter grouping shots.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • It comes with a hard-shell case with a slim profile.


  • Not preferred by professionals.
  • Do not come in many weights.

These darts are a good choice for those who are just learning the game or playing with friends and family for fun.

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  1. Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

For those of you on a budget, these darts are a good option for you. They come with high-quality features and are perfect for beginners. These darts weigh 18gms which is the ideal weight for beginners to start with and get the hang of the game.

Some of its features are:

  • Barrel material: The barrel is made up of 90% tungsten which gives the dart its slim profile and high quality. These darts are manufactured with tungsten alloy making them thinner than most darts. It gives precision, and the player can control the dart well.
  • Portability: These darts come with a side rider that can be clipped to your belt. This allows for better storage and easy portability while playing.
  • Shorter length: The length of these darts is a little shorter than what is commonly available in the market. Shorter darts are preferred for enhanced balance and grip.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year warranty in case of any defects.
  • Accessories: The full kit comes with three spare flights and three spare shafts along with seven spare points. This is the best thing about this product since it comes at such a good price.


  • One year warranty.
  • Budget price.
  • Siderider for easy portability.
  • Additional spare parts.


  • Not preferred by professionals.
  • Not available in other weights.

These darts are a great buy for a newbie and someone who is looking for the best quality at a cheaper price.

  1. Target Darts Power 9Five 20G Generation 4 Soft Tip Darts

These darts have been developed by Target in close collaboration with Phil Taylor. The design and technology of the darts make it one of the best soft tip darts available. The price can be a little expensive but it totally worth it.

Some of its features are:

  • Barrel material: These darts are made up of 95% tungsten giving them excellent balance, grip, and durability. The barrel is overlaid by black titanium nitride coating which improves the durability of the barrel and gives long-lasting barrel protection. The barrel is anti-glare.
  • Gripping point: The rear end of the barrel features hand sandblasting using extremely fine particles to develop a matte texture. It offers a unique gripping point with deep titanium nitride grooves and knurled bands that ensures the perfect grip for an accurate throw.
  • Aluminum shafts: The shafts are made of high-quality aluminum. The shafts have a black titanium coating with enhanced grooves that gives an added grip to the player. If you are a player that likes to grip the stem, then these darts will provide you with that.
  • Flight: The flights have a chevron grip on them. The flights provide for a stable and speedy fly thereby increasing the accuracy of the shots.


  • Top-notch quality and technology.
  • Contrasting look and feel of the barrel.
  • Ultra-fine grip.
  • Great design and outlook.


  • Price is not affordable by all.
  • Player specific darts.

What to look for in The Best Soft Tip Darts?

With the variety of types and brands of darts available in the market, it could be an overwhelming experience to choose the best soft tip dart for you.

There are a few important things you should consider while choosing a soft tip dart. Some of them are listed below:

  • The weight of the dart

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a dart. Soft tip darts come in different weights- 14g, 16g, 18, and 20g. The most commonly used weight is 18g for soft tip darts. This is the recommended weight for beginners.

It is also crucial to know the weight distribution of the dart. The dart could be either front-loaded; more weight on the front side, or it can be back-loaded; more weight on the back. Select a dart that you are comfortable with.

  • Barrel material

A dart’s balance, control, durability, balance depends on its barrel. It is the most important part of a dart. Darts can be made up of different kinds of materials. However, the most recommended material is 90% tungsten.

Tungsten is a dense material, and more the tungsten, more will be your chances of higher scores. A barrel made of tungsten provides excellent gripping point, durability, and balance. Most professionals use darts with a tungsten barrel for higher precision and balance.

  • Dart flight

The stability and fly of a dart depend on the flight. There are different types of flights available such as slim, kite, teardrop, standard, lantern and number-six.

The angle and speed at which you throw the dart are affected by its flight. It is important to recognize the flight that suits you best. The slim flight is also the most desired among players. It gives you the best flying and stabilization.

  • Dart grip

You can find the grip that’s perfect for you by practicing a few times. Soft tip darts are light in weight, so the grip of the dart is significant. Here are a few gripping styles you can consider depending on how you play:

  1. For those with large hands, soft tip darts with large barrels are better.
  2. Players who have dry hands should try the ghost grip.
  3. For cylindrical barrels, the pencil grip could be used.
  • The finish

A titanium finish is best for the durability of a dart. The titanium coating protects the tungsten material from any corrosion due to dirt or sweat from the hands and other things.

  • Cost

A higher-priced dart does not guarantee better scores. Beginners should not buy very expensive darts, but instead, buy cost-effective darts to practice first.


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