Best Steel Tip Darts Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Steel Tip Darts

The game of darts has been around since the 18th century with it being first played in the United Kingdom and it is now played worldwide. If you are also interested in playing darts and want to get the Best Steel Tip Darts, this review and buyer’s guide will help you to get the best steel tip darts for yourselves.

  1. Viper Blitz Steel Darts with 95% Tungsten

The Viper Blitz darts are high-quality darts that are made using tungsten which is 95% of its composition and the rest 5% comprising of nickel in its barrels. These steel tip darts are available in different weights which range from 22 grams to 28 grams. The mixture of tungsten which is a dense material with nickel makes the Viper Blitz darts slim, lightweight and at the same time makes for a very well balanced dart. The barrel of the darts is two inches in length and provides excellent grips by offering four types of grips that provide players with consistent performance and superb ergonomics. The shaft of the darts is short and made from aluminum, and they can rotate during flight thus preventing the dart from deflecting from its course. The shaft of the darts also comes with locking holes which provide for a tighter fitting with the barrel thus making the dart more stable during its flight.

When it comes to the dart’s flight, they are very wide and slim glide flights that come with Blitz graphics, and they are designed in such a way to improve the speed while at the same time reduces drag. The steel tip of the Viper Blitz dart is oxide coated while the barrel is color coated as well providing additional protection from wear and tear. Upon purchase of the Viper Blitz Steel Tip Darts buyers will also get a very high-quality aluminum case for storing the darts and its accessories which includes a set of extra flights. For three steel tip darts, a case and extra set of flights the Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts are priced at $73.19 making it one of the best steel tip darts on sale.

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  1. Ignat Games Darts with Steel Tips

The Ignat Games Darts with Steel Tips are a professional dart set that comes with multiple accessories but does not break the bank. The Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts’ barrels are made using brass and nickel, while the tips are made of high-grade steel, and these darts are beautifully crafted and provides a superb balance between durability and style while also enhancing its performance. These barrels as such weigh in at 18 grams and are perfect darts for casual players as well as beginners. Coming to the shaft, it can be rotated, and measures in at 1.75 inches long and are made from aluminum making it lightweight and durable. To prevent the shafts from loosening, there is an O rubber ring that keeps things tight between the barrel and the shaft, thus providing more stable flights.

The flights of the Ignat Games darts with Steel Tips are of the standard type and are very wide and thus improve its aerodynamics, and also feature cool graphics. The steel tip of the Ignat Games is painted black, while its barrel is electro-coppered and the barrel further comes with a laser engraved logo. One great thing about this set of darts from Ignat Games is that it comes with a lot of extra accessories which are a dart sharpener, a carry case, an extra set of flights and extra O rings plus a guidebook. The Dart sharpener will help keep your steel tips sharp as such will minimize bouncing and at the same time prevent damage on the bristle board. The Carry case that is included comes with a unique design and is built using sturdy EVA materials offering extra robustness and durability thus providing total protection against the elements. All these added accessories further add value to the Ignat Game Darts with Steel Tips and at a price of $23.72 it is one of the most affordable and best steel tip darts.


3. Harrows Wolfram Dart Set

Wolfram is the name of a chemical, and it is the purest form of tungsten which is used in the Harrows Wolfram Dart Set. This Dart set from Harrows as such is made from 97% tungsten using high-pressure injection molding process, and this gives the Harrows Wolfram Darts, extra strength, and rigidity while also allowing the darts to achieve balanced weight distribution. The barrel of the Harrows Wolfram Dart is 1.9 inches long, and it has a maximum width of 6.5 millimeters. Since the entire barrel is made of Wolfram, it not only makes it visually appealing but at the same time makes it much stronger, sturdier and corrosion-resistant than the traditional brass and nickel darts. Since Wolfram tends to have a uniform atomic structure, this improves the overall accuracy, performance, and efficiency of the dart. The weight of the Harrows Wolfram Dart Set ranges from twenty-two grams to twenty-five grams and as such this wide variety of choice ensures that there is a dart for every type of player.

The barrel of the darts are tapered on the front end, and has narrow ring grips along with it, while the middle section has very fine ring grips covering it, thus providing the darts with an intrusive grip pattern. The shafts of these darts are made of plastic and are very slim but are very tough and durable. When it comes to the flights, they are of the standard type and are wide enough to provide the darts with superb balance and stability. The Harrows Wolfram Dart set comes with three sets of darts along with three flights and also includes a plastic case for storing the darts. The price of these darts starts at $55.44 for the 22-gram set and reaches $73.29 for the 25-gram variant. As such when we look at its price considering that it is made of Wolfram, they make for a very great deal and is a must-have for players looking for high-quality darts.

4.Bottelsen Steel Tip Hammerhead Dart

Darts come in different shapes, and one such dart shape is the hammerhead shape, and this shape is also popular amongst dart players. If you are interested in buying a hammerhead-shaped steel dart, then the Bottelsen Steel Tip Dart is a good option. The Bottelsen Steel Tip Dart is made using 95% Tungsten ensuring that the barrel is durable, dense and reaches the required weight without adding an extra size to it. The Bottelsen Steel Tip Darts are offered in three weights, and they are 23, 25 and 27 grams respectively, thus providing buyers with their own choice of darts. The barrel of the darts features grips as well, and it offers a mix of smooth and coarse grips with the front end having an aggressive, coarse texture and the rear end having some rings followed by a smooth finish.

Hence, based on a player’s grip preference the dart can be held accordingly. The Shaft of the dart is a spinning type and is slim and minimalist and made from aluminum making it light, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The shaft of the dart also comes with an O rubber ring, to ensure that the attachment between the shaft and the barrel will not become loose. Coming to its flight, it is of a standard shape and provides the dart with good amounts of lift and stability. These darts come in a set of three and include six flights and come in at a starting price of $101.18. As such, it strikes the right balance between the cost and the performance ratio and is one of the best steel tip darts in its class.

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5. KO Steel Tip Darts

The KO Steel Tip Darts are a set of new premium steel tip darts manufactured by KO that have been designed and manufactured to meet professional specifications. They are manufactured using 90% tungsten ensuring that the barrels are of the highest quality in terms of durability, size, balance and fit and finish. The length of the barrel is 1.9 inches, and its diameter is 6.6 millimeters. The KO Steel Tip Darts come in a compact package and weighs in at twenty-eight grams. Their barrels come with KO’s grip style known as Perfect Grip Groove which employs circular rings forming a uniform consistent groove pattern. This grip style ensures that players will establish grip easily and maintain the same consistent grip for multiple plays, thus improving a player’s consistency and accuracy.

The shaft of the dart is made of aluminum and which keeps it’s light, slim and aerodynamic thus aiding in the overall performance of the dart. The shaft of the dart is made using nylon which makes it more lightweight than traditional aluminum shafts however it is more prone to breaking and might have durability issues. However, these plastic shafts are inexpensive and thus can be replaced easily. Another positive thing about these darts is that their barrels come with a lifetime warranty and as such if anything happens to the barrel it can be replaced instantly. On purchase, the darts also come with a plastic dart carrying case adding more value to it. As such if you are looking to buy a professional set of darts which offers most of the features seen in professional darts without shelling a ton of money then these darts which are priced at $69.95 provides a superb balance between cost and features and is one of the best steel tip darts for people looking for an inexpensive professional set of darts.

6.Target Darts Carrera Titanium Steel Tip Darts

The Target Darts Carrera Titanium Steel Darts is one of the latest products from Target and is considered a revolutionary set of darts as it comes with a lot of new features. The Target Darts Carrera comes with a barrel body that is manufactured using 90% tungsten and tungsten is commonly used in all steel tip darts because of its high density, which makes it easy to work with and is also a very strong element. The length of the barrel stands at 48 millimeters, and its maximum diameter stands at 7.75 millimeters, and it weighs in at 21 grams. One thing that makes the Targets Darts Carrera Titanium Steel Tip Darts unique is that it comes with a new gripping technology known as the Pixel Grip Technology.

This gripping technology combines a milling technology that involves both radial and axial milling cuts to create a grip that has never been seen before in other darts. This Pixel grip technology provides players with superb grip and handling in any direction thus giving confidence, consistency, and accuracy to perform better. The shaft that comes with the Targets Dart is a shaft made of Nylon; however, this nylon is a special type of nylon that is unique to Target, and it also comes with grips as well. The flights that come with this dart set is are known as Vision flights, and they are of the translucent type and are of the standard type. These flights ensure that the dart maintains stability during flight and also allows the player to control the trajectory path better. The dart tip is made using high-quality steel, and they are given black paint treatment. The barrel also comes with a lifetime guarantee thus ensuring customers of its quality. The Target Darts Carrera when bought comes in a well-packaged box and includes a set of three darts and is priced at $81.12, which is a very good price given the host of new features that it comes with.

7.CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set

The CC-Exquisite Professional Darts set is a highly customizable set of darts that comes with two sets of different darts, different shafts and different flights that allow users to assemble a dart of their liking. The barrel of the CC-Exquisite Professional Darts is made from brass, measures one inch long and comes in at two weights, with the first set being 18 grams and the second set is 22 grams respectively. The grip that comes with the barrel is a straight type making it suitable for all types of players. Moving on to its shaft, it is made of aluminum making it extra durable and lightweight at the same time. The length of the shaft also varies with the first set coming in at 35 millimeters and the second set coming in at 48 millimeters.

The length of the shafts also plays an important role in the flight and performance of the dart. To prevent the shaft from becoming loose, it also comes with Rubber O rings which prevent loosening between the shaft and the barrel. The CC-Exquisite Professional Dart Set also comes with two sets of flights and they are the Slim Flights and the Standard Flights. Both these flights come with a dimpled surface to provide more stability. The slim flight is suited to fast throwers while the regular flight leans more towards normal players. The CC Exquisite further comes with a multi-purpose dart tool which comes with a wrench to tighten and adjust the shape of a dart, to improve its symmetry. It also comes with a sharpening stone that allows you to keep the dart tips in good shape. Besides, all these accessories, the CC-Exquisite also include a high-quality drawer case for storing all components of the dart. Since, the CC-Exquisite comes with multiple numbers of barrels, shafts, and flights this makes it a highly customizable dart set making it a great dart set for professionals as well as beginners. Despite having such a huge load of features, the CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set comes with a price of just $21.97 making it one of the most features filled dart for its price. Thus, this makes it one of the Best Steel Tip Darts.

Why choose steel-tipped darts over soft-tipped darts?

The game of darts is relatively simple and easy to play, and it comprises throwing small missiles known as darts at a dartboard which is circular and fixed to a wall. A dartboard is divided into twenty sections which are separated either by thin wires, metal, etc. and these sections are numbered which provides a player with the scores. The scores are numbered from one to twenty, and a player aims to score as many points as possible using three darts. Hence, to play the game of darts, a dartboard along with a few darts is required, and there are generally two types of dartboards. The first type is known as the Bristle Board, and they are the traditional dartboards and the second one is known as the Electronic Dartboard and is the modern counterparts.

Bristle Boards being the traditional one are made from sisal fibers which have been highly compressed to form the shape of a circular board, and the darts which are used with them are known as steel tip darts because these darts are generally made of brass and come with a steel tip. Electronic dartboard, on the other hand, is made using more modern materials such as plastics, rubber, etc and utilizes sensors and other electronics to function, and the darts which are used with them are made using plastic components and hence are known as soft-tipped darts.

Both steel tip darts and soft-tipped darts come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages; however, let us take a look at why one should choose steel tip darts over soft tip darts.

Weight: While playing darts, the weight of the dart plays an important role in ensuring that the throws are more precise and accurate. As such Bristle boards come with steel-tipped darts and steel being an alloy of carbon and iron tends to be much heavier compared to plastic darts. Steel tip darts on an average tend to be a full 15 to 20 grams heavier than their soft tip counterparts which are generally made from plastic. Using a heavier dart gives much more control to the player, while at the same time improves precision and accuracy too. There are also very fewer chances of bounce outs, which tends to be a common occurrence with soft-tipped darts.

Durability: A significant advantage that steel tip darts have over soft tip darts is in the area of durability. It is no secret that steel is a very strong compound and can withstand a good amount of abuse and they will rarely bend or break. As such, in the long run, steel tip darts tend to last much longer than the soft-tipped darts because of their great build quality.

Less Expensive: When compared with electronic dartboards, a bristle board tends to be way less expensive. This is because most of the components that go into making a bristle board tend to more affordable, and these include the steel tips which cost less to fabricate, the sisal fibers which are also less expensive to acquire compared to the multiple electronic components that go into making an electronic board. The manufacturing costs of Bristle boards also tend to be much cheaper, and as such all these combine to make the steel tip dartboards less expensive than soft tip dartboards.

Ease of use: While soft-tipped dartboards ten to rely on electronics to operate and function, steel tip dartboards do not require anything of such sorts. A steel tip dartboard is pretty simple and easy to understand and play and thus has a very short learning curve. Besides, it does not require any electricity to operate, and maintaining is also very simple as it has very few fewer components.

Best  Steel Tip Darts Buyers Guide

As is seen from above there are many reasons why one should choose steel tip darts over soft tip darts with the main reasons being its weight, increased durability, lower price and overall ease of use. Steel dart tips as such have become a more popular choice and therefore, and as such the market is now flooded with numerous brands selling their steel tip darts and this has made it quite a challenge to find the best steel tip darts. All steel tip darts offered in the market do not possess the same traits, and as such, they differ in one attribute or the other. Therefore, while searching for steel tip darts there are some things which one should look out for, and they are as follows:

The Weight of the Dart

The first thing that should be taken into account while looking to buy Steel Tip Darts is its weight. The weight of a dart refers to the combined weight of the barrel and the point of the dart. The weights of a steel tip dart generally range from twenty grams to forty grams. The weight of a dart tends to play a very important role in the overall performance of a player and as such while choosing a dart it is necessary to test, examine and feel the dart. There is no standard weight for all, but for beginners, it is recommended to use darts which weigh around twenty to twenty-five grams and then increase the weight gradually with time.

The Shape of the Dart Barrel

Finding a dart with the perfect barrel shape is also of the utmost importance when looking to purchase Steel Tip Darts. There are many different barrel shapes available for darts; and they have all been designed to increase stability, speed, and performance. Different Barrel shapes tend to have their unique traits, pros, and cons. There are pencil-shaped darts, torpedo-shaped darts, teardrop-shaped darts and many more. And as such, each barrel shape suits different types of players based on their playing style and personal preference. As such based upon the way you hold a dart, it is advised to try them before making a purchase.

The Grips of the Dart

The Grips are another essential component of a dart, and the great thing about the dart grips is that they are highly customizable. Dart Grips comes in a wide variety, and some of the most popular include smooth grips, grips with knurling, Groovy grips, notched and ring-type grips, etc. As such with a wide variety of grips, it is essential that you find a grip that is comfortable in your hands and will allow you to achieve maximum performance. Smooth dart grips tend to be more slippery, and notched grips tend to be on the uncomfortable side, a ring-type grip comes with more texture and so on. Hence, it is essential for players to choose the dart grip after thorough examination and testing.

Dart Materials

The materials that go into building a dart also play a crucial role and thus affect the overall performance, durability, weight and the size of a dart. Dart Barrels, in general, are made from various types of alloys with some of the most popular being brass, nickel, silver, and a tungsten alloy. Darts made using wood are also seen from time to time but are very rare. The most material which is used to build a dart barrel is tungsten, and this is because tungsten is very dense material and as such requires a much smaller barrel circumference to reach a certain weight. As such because of this character, most darts including high-end ones are made using tungsten or an alloy of tungsten with other metals. Next to tungsten the most common material is either nickel or brass since they are less expensive and thus affordable darts are mostly made from nickel or brass. Therefore, basing on the style of game a dart is going to be used for, a player should make the purchase accordingly.

The Shafts of the Dart

The shaft of a dart is as much important as the shape, weight, grips and the materials used to build it. The shaft of a dart is generally made from aluminum, nylon or plastic, with aluminum being seen in more expensive darts. Besides the different types of materials that are used to build dart shafts, the length of a dart shaft also varies greatly, and it comes in different lengths as well. The length of the shaft also affects the overall behavior of a dart, and hence shorter shafts tend to shift the center of gravity to the front end of the dart, while a longer shaft shifts the center of gravity to the rear end of the dart. Both short shafts and long shafts have their applications based on the person using it. As such, while looking for steel tip darts see to it that the length of the shaft is selected properly based on a players’ throwing style.

The Flights of the dart

The flights which are located at the end of a dart are also very varied, and they come in multiple designs, colors, shape, thickness, and size. The purpose of a flight is to guide and balance the movement of a dart as it moves across the air. The shape and size of the flights play an important role in the overall performance of a dart, and as such, some of the most common flight shapes are the standard shape, pear shape, kite shape, and slim flights. Coming to the shape, there are either large flights, or small flights and each has its pros and cons. A larger flight tends to have more surface area, and as such it provides a more stable and straight flight and is suited for beginners and casual players. Whereas a small flight tends to be more wobbly but provides players with an even and flat throw and is thus preferred by advanced and professional dart players. As such, opting for a standard flight shape is encouraged as it will provide more stability and is easier to throw as well. As such, while looking for a dart, the flight should be chosen based on a player’s experience and preference.


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